A Framework for Operational Quality: A Report from the National Consensus Panel on Charter School Operational Quality

National Consensus Panel on Charter School Operational Quality

A Framework for Operational Quality is designed as a guide for charter school leaders and support organizations as they establish schools that are prepared to achieve and sustain success. It recommends that leaders adopt a specific series of essential indicators, measures, metrics and targets for their operations. The report also serves to advise authorizers, philanthropists and lenders in monitoring the operational practices of high-quality public charter schools. This framework builds on the previously published Framework on Academic Quality which made four recommendations for establishing a strong academic foundation. Both documents are meant to act as a floor, and not as a ceiling, providing essential groundwork for successful schools. Readers are encouraged to employ additional measures beyond these recommendations to reach the mission of each individual school. The project’s National Consensus Panel is composed of more than two dozen education reform professionals and foundation executives playing leading roles in the charter school movement nationally, assisted by convening partners from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, CREDO at Stanford University, and the Colorado League of Charter Schools. A Framework for Operational Quality is the second publication in a series of initiatives of the three-year Building Charter School Quality project funded by the U.S. Department of Education.