Toward an Equitable Future: Charter Schools and School-Funding Litigation

Andrew Broy

At the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS), we are working to ensure that public charter schools are equitably funded and that charter schools have appropriate access to the legal system to ensure equality. To support these charter school efforts, we are releasing this issue brief titled Toward an Equitable Future: Charter Schools and School-Funding Litigation.  The brief provides actionable advice for charter schools and charter support organizations as they consider challenging funding allocations and other decisions in court.  The brief was authored in partnership with Andrew Broy, the President of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, and is intended to share practical lessons related to the charter funding landscape and to encourage charter advocates to examine litigation as a potential strategy to achieve funding equity. The NAPCS continues to release timely, actionable issue briefs and is working with many individual charter schools and charter support organizations on litigation as a complement to ongoing advocacy efforts.  In the next year, we expect increased involvement in several states on litigation efforts, with a particular focus on achieving funding equity for public charter school students. Please feel free to contact Renita Thukral, our Senior Director of Legal Affairs, at 202-521-2831 or if you have questions.  I appreciate your time and continued support of our work and the public charter school movement. It is with great pleasure that we share these findings and recommendations with legal practitioners and the education community who should reference them, confidently, to better inform their work.