CSP in Action: DeLaSalle Education Center

Nora Kern

The DeLaSalle Education Center (DeLaSalle) provides an alternative education option to students ages 14 to 20 living in Kansas City, Missouri. The charter school’s goal is straightforward: help each and every student achieve academic success. DeLaSalle’s philosophy, “we accept students as they come to us and we work with them where they are,” is put into practice through personalized education, holistic services, and experiential learning of workforce skills.

DeLaSalle is the only charter high school in Missouri dedicated exclusively to serving the high-risk, urban core student, and it also offers mental health, addiction recovery, parenting, and concentrated remediation supports within the school. In addition to traditional end-of-course and standardized exams, DeLaSalle measures student success through academic growth, progress toward treatment goals, and attendance rates. Students are allowed to enroll at any time throughout the year, and are empowered to define personal goals and set their own learning pace to complete the required 24 credits and pass exams to earn their high school diploma.