Charting a Clear Course: A Resource Guide for Building Successful Partnerships between Charter Schools and School Management

National Alliance

Of all the decisions made by boards of public charter schools, few are more important than deciding whether to contract for school management services. Choosing well requires balancing multiple considerations of finance, accountability, personnel, and public relations. Since the achievement and well-being of children hang in the balance, a helping hand is clearly needed. That’s why the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is pleased to provide this updated reprint of Charting a Clear Course, originally published in 2001 by the former Charter Friends National Network and still an authoritative resource. Charting provides evenhanded, user-friendly advice for those considering contracting for charter school management. It shines a clear light on the nuts and bolts of school/management relationships. Whether a charter school is looking at comprehensive school designs, for-profit providers, or the growing array of non-profit charter management options, this publication provides clear, step-by-step guidance. We appreciate the reprint permission granted to us by the authors, Bryan Hassel and Margaret Lin, and by Jon Schroeder, who headed the Charter Friends National Network and continues to serve our movement through his work at Education/Evolving and his service on the Alliance’s board. Please explore for additional publicationsresources and news on issues surrounding public charter schools today.