Charter School Achievement: What We Know (Fourth Edition)

National Alliance

To provide a full and fair picture of how charter schools are actually performing, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools commissioned in July 2005 an extensive review of the available research on charter school achievement. The review is updated periodically, and this fourth edition incorporates new studies published in the past year. The report now includes 70 comparative analyses of charter school and traditional public school performance, including a study-by-study look at central findings and methodological strengths and weaknesses. All of these studies fall into one of two categories: 1) snapshot pictures of one or more points in time; or 2) longer-term measures of change over time. In addition, they all meet four basic criteria for rigor and relevance: they are recent (2001 or later), compare charter vs. traditional public school performance, use serious (though often flawed) analytical methods, and examine some significant segment of the charter sector.