Delivering on the Dream: 2013 Annual Report

National Alliance

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federal-levelOur work in Washington takes many forms. From helping Congress develop and improve proposed legislation to working with the U.S. Department of Education and other agencies, we serve as a bridge between the federal government and the charter school community.
state-lawsOur strategy in the states is twofold—enacting charter school laws in the remaining eight states without them and improving the quality of the laws in states with extremely weak ones.
seeing-believingWe bring policymakers into schools so they can see firsthand the amazing work teachers and school leaders are doing.
researchWe continue to fulfill our role as the clearinghouse for information about charter schools, charter school policy, and emerging trends and issues in the sector through comprehensive data collection, original research, and legal analyses.
build-capacity_08As part of our efforts to strengthen and support charter school associations and advocates around the country, the National Alliance hosts two ongoing series designed to build expertise and foster collaborative relationships among charter school leaders, including the Alliance for Public Charter School Attorneys and a training series for Charter Support Organization leaders and staff.