We Need Your Help to Open the Doors!

Across America, charter schools are uplifting students, empowering parents, inspiring teachers, and strengthening our communities. The federal Charter Schools Program has helped open the doors to thousands of these charter schools across the country. It’s important that Congress supports this program so that more children and families can access the incredible opportunities available through charter schools. We need you to join the fight to open the doors to more quality charter schools! Please join us in asking Congress to support the charter school movement!

Read the letter to Congress urging more support for charter schools.

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Uplifting Students: Fred's Story

“I used to believe I wasn’t really good at anything. But my teachers taught me that all I really need to do is try and force myself to do my best and I’ll be able to achieve whatever I really want.” Despite his learning disability, Fred’s charter school has given him the opportunity to tackle new challenges and discover a passion for aerospace engineering.

Empowering Parents: Kwan's Story

“Educating parents on the benefits of charter schools is now a personal goal. After all, parents are a child’s most important advocate. Empowering parents with the tools they need to make an informed decision on which path is best for their child is essential.” Kwan chose to enroll her children in a charter school because she wanted a school that could tailor classwork to each of her son’s needs and abilities, giving them an education that is as unique as they are.

Inspiring Teachers: Joy's Story

”Charter schools not only provide choice for parents wanting something different for their child than what their traditional public school system offers, it also gives choice to teachers and school leaders, like me, who have unique and innovative ideas about education.” As a teacher and school leader, Joy saw firsthand that the freedom and flexibility offered by charter schools means educators have a real opportunity to go the extra mile for their students.

Strengthening Communities: Rural Charter Schools

“There’s no life here when there’s no school here. Our school is all we had, and it has kept this community vibrant.” Charter schools are breathing new life into rural communities across America, bringing in new opportunities, experiences, and challenges that help small town kids become big time dreamers.