Jobs at the National Alliance

If you believe that all children can succeed, and you are committed to giving more children access to a high-quality public school option, we want to know you.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is different from other nonprofit organizations focused on education reform. We are the national convener, advocate, and public voice for the charter school sector. No other organization does federal or multistate charter school advocacy as well or has as strong a staff. Together, we are informing the national conversation on charter schools.

Working at the National Alliance arms you with the skills and work experiences that are valued in education reform. Former employees have gone on to work at the White House, the U.S. Congress, major philanthropic foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and D.C. Public Schools as a member of former Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s leadership team.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools continues to seek talented individuals who are aligned with our organizational values:

  • Quality. We expect the best work from each other and ourselves and won’t settle for anything less.
  • Leadership. We seek to lead and serve the charter movement with a radical commitment to dramatic increases in student achievement—and to instill the same commitment in future leaders of the movement.
  • Diversity. We model what we ask of the movement: that our team include talented people from a variety of backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of charter schooling.
  • Results. We make decisions based on evidence and judge our own work by whether it advances the cause of student achievement.
  • Collaboration. We work in partnership with charter leaders and other stakeholders to achieve our collective goals.