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Organization GACHS (view profile)
Location Atlanta
Classification Special Education
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 01/19/2017


PAGA- Special Education Teachers Location: Atlanta, Savannah & Augusta License and Certification Qualifications: Primary Responsibilities: Responsible for planning and providing for appropriate learning experiences for students based on Provost curriculum as well as providing an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of individuals. 1. Demonstrate command of center subject being taught. a. Provide direct instruction to students in special programs consistent with the district?s regular and special education curriculum and Individual Education Plans (IEP). b. Consult with classroom teachers and/or local center administrator to develop and maintain academic as well as behavioral management programs. c. Participate as an active member of the regular faculty of the center, assuming center duties shared by classroom teachers. d. Conduct in-service programs to the faculty regarding special education, specific program areas, management techniques, IDEA, etc. 2. Develop and prioritize long and short-term instructional objectives based on the academy's curriculum. a. Identify specific prerequisite skills and/or knowledge necessary for students b. Plan instruction as needed to promote student mastery of prerequisite skills and knowledge. c. Analyze student work and assessments to determine instructional needs. d. Prepare written lesson plans to support instructional objectives of all students. 3. Evaluate, select, and modify resources and activities. a. Review resources including district core materials. b. Select core materials and other resources that match Provost learning skills and knowledge. c. Select resources that match the learner(s) needs. 4. Oversee assessment activities. a. Administer screening and diagnostic assessment instruments in a timely manner to children referred to special education and interpret evaluation results to parents and regular classroom teachers. 5. Provide initial focus for the lesson. a. Communicate specific learning objectives to students in a clear manner. b. Link lesson content to students? prior knowledge, background experience, and/or real-world application of content. 6. Organize content for presentation of the lesson. a. Present information in a logical sequence. b. Organize the presentation of content into blocks or steps based on the students? needs and the complexity of the material. c. Follow research-based organizational plan for content organization, such as anticipatory set, acquisition lesson, guided practice, independent practice, and summarizing. 7. Utilize scientifically researched effective instructional strategies and ways of providing information for students to acquire the learning. a. Assess students? learning and provide specific feedback to students and parents on a frequent basis. b. Provide collaborative learning opportunities. c. Model strategies and skills and provide multiple opportunities for distributed guided practice followed by independent practice. d. Explicitly teach essential content-related vocabulary. e. Utilize a variety of nonverbal/visual representations of content and skills. f. Explicitly teach students to summarize their learning. g. Explicitly teach skills for improving reading and writing proficiency/literacy across content areas. h. Access and/or build students? background knowledge and experience. i. Use and teach questioning and cuing/prompting techniques. j. Utilize technology effectively to plan, teach, and assess. k. Use inquiry-based problem-solving learning strategies with students in all content areas. l. Teach and require students to set personal goals for improving their academic achievement. 8. Provide formative assessment that measures student progress toward objective(s). a. Monitor students? progress in learning through a variety of techniques on a frequent basis. b. Adjust instructional plans based on formative assessment results. 9. Provide summative assessment, which measures student achievement of objectives(s). a. Assess students' learning. b. Provide assessments that are appropriate for the learner(s). c. Maintain assessment records for each student. d. Communicate assessment results to students. e. Utilize assessment results to plan for subsequent instruction. 10. Organize the learning environment to maximize student time on task. a. Organize and arrange the classroom to facilitate learning. b. Ensure smooth transitions from one activity to another. 11. Maintain behavior, which is conducive to learning. a. Define and communicate behavior expectations to students in a clear manner. b. Monitor behavior and provide appropriate feedback to students. c. Deal effectively with inappropriate behavior. d. Focus on student behavior rather than personality. e. Treat sensitive situations with discretion. f. Encourage participation from all students. g. Establish mutual respect between the teacher and students. h. Convey warmth, friendliness, and enthusiasm. 12. Assist with the physical needs of special education students when appropriate.

Qualifications: Meet Georgia certification requirements in appropriate field of education. Education Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in applicable field of education from a Professional Standards Commission (PSC) approved college or university required. Experience Qualifications: Previous teaching experience preferred.

*How to Apply: Email resume and cover letter to nicole.merenivitch@gradgeorgia.com