School assistant, HUM III

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Organization New Visions for Public Schools (view profile)
Location New York City
Classification Administrative / Business Office
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 10/5/16


Organizational Mission and Vision
New Visions Charter High Schools (NVCHS) provide all students, regardless of their previous academic history, the highest quality education in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and rigor. We ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge to graduate ready for college, pursue a career, and engage with the 21st century economy. We develop learning experiences that allow risk-taking, cultivate students' imaginative and creative abilities, and celebrate achievement. Through an intensive study of math concepts in our math and science schools, and literature, English, social studies and arts in our humanities schools, students learn how to generate research questions, develop the skills necessary to answer those questions, create products that demonstrate understanding, and defend their knowledge publicly.

Position Summary
The School Assistant is a key member of the operations team at New Visions Charter High Schools. The School Assistant is responsible for keeping the school organized and efficient while maintaining a professional and friendly environment for parents, students, and staff.


    Demonstrated commitment to the school vision and mission.

    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

    Experience and zeal for working in an entrepreneurial school environment.

    Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple deadlines.

    Experience and/or passion for working with youth.

Detailed Job Responsibilities.

    Asset Management - Distribute and secure laptop carts & equipment, textbooks\supplies.

    - Cover telephones and reception desk in the front office as needed.

    - Maintain an inventory of office machines, equipment and supplies (copy paper, toner, staples, etc.).

    - Assist with the preparation of bulletin board\project materials.

    - Review and distribute mail/school email/phone calls to appropriate staff.
    - Duplicate, coordinate and distribute notices and curriculum materials as directed by the principal.

    - Create and proofread professional correspondence.

    Food Services - Provide operational support for implementing breakfast, lunch and snack programs.

    - Assist in supervising student entrance/dismissal, locker rooms, lunchroom and hallway duty as needed under the direction of the principal and or other appropriate staff members.

    - Assist in the collection of permission slips and support of field trips.

    - Assist with in-school detention process.

    Student and Family Engagement.

    - Foster an attitude of cooperation and positive support with all school patrons and parents.

    - Coordinate process of late passes, bathroom passes, and any other authorized student movement within the building.

    - Escort student to and from bus/nurse as needed.

    - Collection of attendance reports and other administrative duties as required.

    - Assist with the distribution, collection and securing of laptop carts.

    - Keep track of supplies including overseeing the supply closet and assist in ordering supplies as needed (e.g., copy paper, toner, etc.).

    - Assist with the delivery of supplies and equipment.

    - Learn and work with school specific adopted administrative technology (Google docs, email, DataCation, Haiku, etc.).

Additional Job Responsibilities

    Willingness to work non-standard hours as needed.

    Additional responsibilities as needed to meet the needs of the organization.


    At least 1 years experience in a customer-service oriented position.


      High School Diploma w/Associates Degree Preferred (Associates Degree required).

      Excellent computer skills including proficiency with Google docs and Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Word, Excel and Access.

      Ability to perform general office management tasks including maintaining inventory records, etc..

      Effective oral and written communication skills.

      New Visions for Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer..