Middle School Principal

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Organization Little Bird HR (view profile)
Location New York City
Classification School Administration/Leadership
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 07/09/2014
County New York


Middle School Principal

Reporting to: Board of Trustees
Location: Bronx, New York

About BGLIG:
The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls (BGLIG) was established in 2008 and currently serves 250 girls, grades K-8. The school uses Academic Excellence + Multi Language + Cultural Heritage to achieve Global Competent Edge. BGLIG is a single-sex environment coupled with a strong instructional program ensuring that each student focuses on personal developmental and academic achievement, which will promote leadership and unselfish self fulfillment.

Position Overview
The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls Middle School Principal understands and promotes the school’s mission, vision, objectives, and policies both within and outside the immediate school community. Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Principal will provide leadership and administration which will motivate instructional and support personnel to strive for superior performance so as to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and development, both educationally and personally. This position will take on a variety of responsibilities such as gathering and analyzing school data to ensure that the school has sufficient materials to serve its students.

Responsibilities & duties (including, but not limited to)

Coaching, Feedback and Leadership Development
 Act as a resource to teachers in their instructional practice, especially as it relates to issues of discipline, relationships with students, classroom management, and school culture
 Coach a portfolio of teachers in instruction and the establishment of expectations/routines
 Coach teachers toward instructional excellence
 Identify clear learning goals for teachers, create and execute on development plans using a range of coaching strategies and improve teacher effectiveness; systematically develop a team of great teachers
 Develop leadership team and leadership capacity to support school success.
 Help teachers build effective relationships with students and parents
 Help teachers to develop instructional strategies and intervention programs that elevate achievement among struggling students
 Support the Assistant Principal in meeting with teachers to co-plan units and daily lessons
 Support teachers to hold all students to high and consistent behavioral expectations
 Work with each team member to set clear, measureable, outcome-oriented academic goals for the year and plan professional development opportunities around those academic goals
 Evaluate school staff and write thorough, thoughtful, actionable annual growth plans for all the teachers in your portfolio at mid-year and end-of-year

Communication, School Management & Systems Development
 Engage in clear, constant multi-directional communication with the school community
 Communicate regularly with teachers, parents, and students both informally and through weekly staff and parent memos
 Conduct regular school culture walkthroughs to maintain a high bar of excellence
 Continually monitor progress across all measures of school and staff performance
 Develop organizational goals and priorities consistent with the mission and vision of the school
 Ensure that the school runs smoothly, efficiently, and on budget
 Establish protocols and best practices to ensure that teachers communicate regularly with parents

Curriculum, Design & Implementation
 Research, design, and/or supplement the academic curriculum for all subjects and grades based on successful models and approaches

Data Driven Instruction
 Analyze data with teachers regularly to maximize student performance
 Analyze school-wide data regularly with champion effective instructional data practices and assessments
 Compile and review data for various reports
 Manage student issues, such as processing late arrivals and following up with the families of absent students
 Oversee daily data entry and follow up for student discipline system
 Oversee student attendance data process and ensure that it is reconciled and accurate on a daily basis; audit student behavior data for completeness

Leadership & Planning
 Set clear, measurable, motivating goals at the beginning of the year for every grade/subject and every class; ensure team is bought into the goals and feels motivated by and accountable to them; keep goals front and center and regularly assess student progress toward them; never make excuses when goals aren’t met but rather rally the team to improve and recommit to achieving them
 Supervises all administrative staff
 Assist in coordinating the activities of the Parent Organization
 Assist in the coordination/ execution of student recruitment and admissions process
 Cultivate positive relationships with parents and the local community
 Lead teachers and school staff in developing a school culture that nurtures the school’s mission and values
 Maintain robust personal organization system that ensures all tasks or “To Do” items are captured, prioritized, and ultimately accomplished; plan each day and week to ensure that top priorities are addressed and accomplished on time
 Model great instruction in your own teaching
 Model the school values and set the standard for exemplary conduct
 Proactively circulate throughout classrooms and hallways during the day to gain valuable context on student behavior and help support positive school culture
 Reflect on actions and adjust personal behavior and systems accordingly; ask regularly for feedback; model humility and admit mistakes; seek out thought partners
 Represent the school to a variety of audiences and support all functions for school success
 Serve as the point person for dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and acute behavioral issues

Professional Development
 Design and run high-quality professional development sessions
 Ensure access to and participation in high-quality internal and external professional development for staff
 Create slideshow presentations for staff retreats, and/or the school board, or community members
 Facilitate high quality professional development accurately, identify and prioritize professional development needs through careful analysis of student data, teacher growth areas and school goals; maximize the impact of formal PD time and ensure that all sessions are thoroughly and thoughtfully planned, engaging and actionable
 Train staff in classroom management, student engagement and parent involvement

Student Success & Achievement
 Oversee implementation and maintain knowledge of special education services to students, including IEPs and 504 plans
 Assist teachers, students, and parents in the effective creation and implementation of individual behavior plans
 Provide feedback on instructional plans
 Coordinate student health services; monitor student health and safety for any unusual/disconcerting trends; coordinate with site nursing staff to ensure that students receive appropriate care
 Coordinate daily student transportation services; troubleshoot issues as they arise; schedule and conduct required emergency drills; report chronic service issue
 Participate in the design and implementation of systems to assess student achievement
 Lead staff efforts to ensure all students have excellent attendance and arrive at school on time, and working aggressively with students and parents to ensure excellent attendance
 Plan and implement a behavior management system with meaningful incentives to reward good behavior and with effective consequences to correct misbehaviors

Teamwork & Partnering
 Work with the school based teams to maximize the effectiveness of the school
 Establish a positive, structured, achievement-oriented, and creative school culture
 Participate in Parent Teacher Conferences, Board Meetings and other Administrative meetings as needed

General School Support
 Plan and manage logistics and preparations for school events and activities as needed
 Manage the collection and maintenance of student, personnel, and school information
 Organize staff events and prepare materials for staff workshops/trainings
 Participate in an annual summer staff orientation and training

Project Management
 Each year, provide leadership in preparing the campus for start-up/new school year by ordering furniture, equipment, and classroom supplies as well as ensuring that school services (i.e. student food services, student transportation services) are lined up and ready for action
 Create an accountability plan to ensure the successful delivery of school-wide initiatives
 Develop the strategy and implementation plan for school-wide projects
 Ensure that all government and authorizer grant proposals and reports are completed on time

General Responsibilities
 Be highly present and visible during school hours, relentlessly ensuring the school has an exceptional school culture
 Ensure that the physical environment of the school reinforces school culture and facilitates student achievement
 Participate in staff recruitment
 Recruit, select and hire all school staff, including teachers and school-based support staff
 Perform other related duties as required and assigned

Key Behavioral Competencies:
 Uses different behaviors as necessary to achieve desired outcomes; able to amend own behavior to influence and gain acceptance
 Shift priorities to address changes in events or assigned goals
 Inspires groups of individuals to work together to achieve a common purpose; promotes a culture of open communication and respect
 Actively establishes and promotes best practices for the school work processes and standards
 Analyzes reasons behind results, takes actions to address failures and seeks to improve outcomes
 Never accepts excuses for breaches of ethics, values or regulations and confronts potentially unethical behavior in others
 Develops and uses subtle strategies to influence others in order to achieve organization objectives; anticipates reactions and works hard to find common ground between stakeholders within opposing views
 Coaches employees and team members on ways to enhance their level of performance and develop their skills
 Is comfortable using multiple modalities of communication
 Encourages constructive feedback and a culture that provides opportunities for development. Attracts, assesses, develops, motivates and retains a diverse workforce that drives results

Education & Experience
 Masters Degree required, Doctorate recommended
 Minimum of 3 years teaching experience
 Demonstrated success teaching students in urban schools
 Demonstrated success developing a strong school culture
 Administrative Certification
 Ability to read, write and communicate in Spanish recommended
 Ability to recognize good instruction based on current teaching methods
 Knowledge of teacher evaluation and observation methods
 Knowledge of various instruction and teaching methodologies
 Excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills
 Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
 Thorough knowledge of the New York school system and, in particular the mandates and requirements of the New York Department of Education relating to charter schools

Personal qualities & behavioral traits
 Passionately dedicated to school’s mission
 Champions change; actively motivates and encourages others to adapt to change
 Develop and maintain positive communications and working relationships with co-workers by being collaborative and maintaining a pleasant work attitude
 Ability and/or willingness to work effectively in a small school setting
 Ability to interact positively with all members of the school community including supervisors, teachers, colleagues, students, and parents;
 Exemplary record of attendance and punctuality;

How to Apply: Please visit: https://littlebird.cloud.talentedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=179

An Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls to provide educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, alienage and citizen status, age, marital status, disability, prior record of arrest or conviction (except as provided by law), sexual orientation, gender (sex), and to maintain an environment free of discriminatory harassment, including sexual harassment, or retaliation as required by civil rights law.