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Organization Innovate Public Schools (view profile)
Location San Jose
Classification School Administration/Leadership
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 01/13/2017
County CA


Are you ready to start the Bay Area’s next great network of charter schools?

Innovate Public Schools is looking for a Charter School Entrepreneur-in-Residence to spend the next two years designing and launching the first of what will ultimately be a network of innovative, world-class charter schools. During the two-year, fully-funded fellowship, Entrepreneurs would be on staff full-time with Innovate Public Schools, learning first-hand the complexities of the educational landscape in the region and spending significant time planning a new school to open in San Jose, CA. You would receive extensive school design support and leadership development, one-on-one coaching, and the opportunity to visit and collaborate with some of the best schools in the region and country. This includes participating in Innovate’s Start-up Schools Fellowship. As an Entrepreneur, you will also tap into the expertise of the Silicon Schools Fund team, which is funding the creation of new schools in the Bay Area to foster innovation and personalization. You will have the opportunity to learn from their network of more than 15 Bay Area schools that are on the cutting edge of using technology and innovative education models to personalize learning. You can apply these best practices in your new schools or create entirely new models for others to learn from. Entrepreneurs will also collaborate with and learn from Innovate’s team of parent organizers. Innovate will bring its vast experience in parent organizing and grassroots politics to help you build a network of schools that are wired for maximizing parent leadership and engaging effectively in the public arena in San Jose. This will enable your schools to gain the political support needed to launch, to sustain, and to grow more schools, in coordination with the larger reform movement in the Bay Area.

Successful applicants must have a proven track record as a school leader at a school that has achieved significant academic gains with low-income students and students of color. Additionally, successful applicants will have the mindset and technical skills needed to design a highly effective school and to expand their program to serve significant numbers of students over time. Specifically, they will have deep knowledge of the best practices that effective charter schools are offering across the country and will have the drive to innovate on these practices in their new school design, with a particular focus on leveraging blended learning to personalize instruction. Based on Innovate’s experience and the current research about the top schools for low-income children, we are looking for school leaders who are eager to build the next generation of top schools with the following essential elements:

Academic rigor. Schools across the country are making the transition to the Common Core. In the best schools, this is far more than lip service. The rigor of texts and questioning are consistently high, students are learning mathematical concepts and application (vs. just rote learning), and students are taking on responsibility for much more of the learning (vs. being very teacher-centric).

Individualized learning. Our partnership schools will be models of using innovative instructional models that tap the groundswell of educational technology and software to dramatically improve how we individualize instruction to meet each students’ needs. The best schools are able to innovate on different ways to teach or use time and resources, and then apply them systematically in their schools if they yield benefits for students.

Parent leadership and political engagement. In order to create many more great schools for thousands of children, education reform leaders, including charter school leaders, must be engaged in the local political arena. Innovate will bring its vast experience in parent organizing and grassroots politics to support our Entrepreneurs to build a network of schools that are wired for maximizing parent leadership and community engagement. Entrepreneurs will work closely with Innovate’s parent organizing team to ensure this happens.

Operational excellence. The best schools “sweat the details” about instructional and operational issues, and create school-wide systems to ensure consistency in execution. These schools will be designed for replication, with clear written plans about all key programmatic, finance, and operational issues.

Innovate is conducting a competitive national search for one or more inaugural Entrepreneurs to join our team by July 2016. We will select an additional Entrepreneur each year. If you are ready for the challenge of creating not just one great school, but a network of schools serving low-income and students of color, we encourage you to apply!

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, please go to: