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Organization River Cities Academy
Location Newport
Classification School Administration/Leadership
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 9/10/17


River Cities Academy Founding Principal

River Cities Academy (RCA) believes that all children have both the desire and ability to learn at a high level. We believe that a school filled with a highly diverse population, mirroring the community, results in a powerful learning environment for all scholars, teachers and managers of the school. We trust that a combination of project-based learning with teacher governance provides the best environment for learners to meet our high expectations. We have a strong sense of community and are committed to peacefully co-exist with other public education institutions, thereby increasing the availability of accessible education options in Northern Kentucky. The enthusiasm we have for our learning environment is exceeded only by the enthusiasm we have for the bright future of our scholars.

The Founding Principal is the most critical, important leadership position at RCA. Equal parts instructional visionary, strategic mastermind, data-driven decision-maker, people developer, and community builder, the Principal stands at the center of the highest-leverage unit of change in a child’s life: the school.

The Founding Principal will collaborate with key stakeholders, staff, the RCA board of directors, and the community to fulfill the RCA mission statement:

“To realize the full potential of young minds through experiential learning with high expectations for excellence in academics and character.”

The Founding Principal at RCA will be charged with designing, creating, and launching Northern Kentucky’s first charter elementary school.

The Founding Elementary Principal will prepare the school to launch by:
• Designing RCA’s elementary school model, with an emphasis on experiential learning
• Researching and designing rigorous, Common-Core aligned curriculum
• Crafting expansive culture systems that will teach our students critical social-emotional skills
• Working with the operations team to ensure the school facility is gleaming and ready to welcome scholars on day one of school
• Recruiting and hiring RCA’s founding team of empowered teachers and leaders
• Engaging with prospective families to inspire them to enroll founding scholars in the school
• Engaging with community leaders and partners to build excitement, investment, and momentum in RCA and RCA’s mission

The Founding Principal will drive instruction, create a culture of academic ownership, empower teachers, and manage the school’s growth by:
• Setting high expectations for student growth and achievement
• Fostering a school-wide culture in which students love learning, are obsessed with reading, think critically, and take ownership over their own academic progress and inquiry
• Building strong relationships with families, students, and staff to ensure collective investment in instructional priorities, initiatives, and expectations
• Owning all aspects of leading, inspiring, managing, and developing a staff of approximately 15 dynamic, driven, and diverse individuals
• Overseeing the growth of the school (facilities as well as the academic and extracurricular program) as it expands to full growth over four years (from K-5 to K-8)

Who You Are
Our Founding Principal has an unwavering belief that our students can achieve at an exceptionally high level. Beyond that, you are:
• An educator with a proven track record of innovation
• A serial optimist
• A proven school leader, an inspirer of teachers, and a driver of results
• A people developer
• An organizational mastermind
• A strong communicator
• Deeply convicted by RCA’s mission and values