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Organization Alliance College-Ready Public Schools
Classification Administrative / Business Office
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 06/15/2017


ABOUT ALLIANCE COLLEGE-READY PUBLIC SCHOOLSAlliance College-Ready Public Schools is the largest nonprofit charter organization in Los Angeles, serving 12,500 low-income students across 28 free, public charter high schools and middle schools.

We’re a well-established charter network with a proven record of success in preparing our students for college. Next, we must strive to ensure our students are set up for success in college and beyond. Now is the time to join us in working for long-lasting change for our students.


Alliance team members share a dedication to preparing Los Angeles students for long-term success. Our team members are also:

Entrepreneurial: Our people have fresh ideas and are excited to implement them.
Impactful: Our people are passionate about impacting the life trajectories of 12,500 students and their families in the Los Angeles area.
Innovative: Our people are motivated to create unique solutions to make the work their own.


The English Language Development (ELD) Specialist is an integral part of the school’s instructional team. In addition to providing an engaging and high quality instructional program to students, the ELD Specialist oversees the school’s programs designed to specifically support English Learners (EL). With specialized expertise in the instruction of ELs, the ELD Specialist works closely with site administrators and other teachers to ensure that the needs of all ELs are met in and outside of the classroom


Teacher Responsibilities:

Drive outstanding student achievement for all ELs in classroom and support colleagues in driving student achievement school-wide.
Create a positive, achievement-oriented, and supportive learning environment that excites and invests students in learning.
Develop and implement powerfully engaging curriculum and lessons designed to prepare all ELs to succeed in college and life.
Utilize a wide variety of teaching methods to create differentiated opportunities for deep understanding for all ELs, including students with special needs.
Utilize a variety of data to drive instruction and intervention.
Utilize technology to support student learning.
Work collaboratively with families and Alliance colleagues to support the achievement of all ELs and the mission and vision of the school.
Program Management Responsibilities:

Coordinate with the Parent Engagement Specialist to develop and carry out regular EL parent outreach during and after school hours. This includes trainings, workshops and newsletters intended to engage EL parents. The ELD Specialist aids in maintaining documentation of these meetings by maintaining records of calendars, minutes and agendas.
Take part in SSC, board and other meetings to ensure that the needs of ELs are shared with stakeholders.
Coordinate with Resource Teachers to ensure that CELDT results are noted in the IEPs of EL SWDs and supports content teachers with instruction.
Ensure that the school is following policies and procedures for the identification, assessment, placement, instruction, reassessment, reclassification and follow up of RFEP students.
Aid the leadership team in the analysis of EL student data. This includes doing a school-wide, yearly English Learner Subgroup Self-Assessment and helping with data needs for district oversight, WASC and other data needs.
Maintain a caseload of EL and RFEP students. This will include maintaining spreadsheets of ELs by CELDT level, time in program, grades in core courses, number and percent who have failed one or more core courses.
Develop and maintain interventions for RFEP students school-wide. This includes caseload work (mentioned above). Additionally, a two year follow up must be done with all RFEP students. Documentation of follow-ups must be maintained.
Develop and run school-wide EL professional development. This includes maintaining an EL professional development calendar, documentation (agendas, sign-ins, etc.) and participation policies.


Other duties as assigned by school administration.


Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required.
A valid California Single Subject Teaching Credential with an authorization in English and an authorization to provide specialized instructional services to English Learners is required (i.e. CLAD/BCLAD authorization).
4+ years of teaching experience working with English Learners on language acquisition at the secondary level is desired.
Experience in coaching and observing teachers is desired. Examples of this type of experience include but are not limited to serving as a Department Chair or Mentor Teacher.

Skills, Beliefs, and Mindset:

Knowledge and ability to communicate federal and state laws and procedures, codes, regulations and requirements pertaining to areas of assigned responsibility for English Learners.
English Learner law, legal issues, curriculum development, and instructional strategies
Ability to interpret and apply policies and procedures.
Principles, practices, methods, and techniques applicable to instruction of ELs
Knowledge of methods to collect, assemble and analyze data, prepare reports, and monitor progress.
Knowledge of principles, practices, methods and strategies applicable ELD curriculum development and strategies for implementation.
Establish effective working relationships with staff, district personnel, other agencies and the public.
Ability to observe individuals and environments; facilitate and participate in-group processes; prepare written documents; address large and small groups; provide feedback, recommendations and implement remediation strategies.
Ability to deliver engaging, meaningful, and actionable professional development to teachers.
Excellent skills in time management and multi-tasking.


Alliance College-Ready Public Schools prides itself in offering its employees a competitive salary and excellent group benefits package that includes medical, dental and vision coverage for the employee and her/his eligible dependents. Retirement benefits are also offered and include an employer match/contribution.

Apply Here: http://grnh.se/50pju31

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools are free public charter schools which do not discriminate against any student, parent, community member, or employee on the basis of actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.