Elementary School Assistant Principal

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Organization Little Bird HR (view profile)
Location New York City
Classification School Administration/Leadership
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 07/09/2014
County New York


Elementary School Assistant Principal

Reporting to: Board of Trustees
Location: Bronx, New York

About BGLIG:
The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls (BGLIG) was established in 2008 and currently serves 250 girls, grades K-8. The school uses Academic Excellence + Multi Language + Cultural Heritage to achieve Global Competent Edge. BGLIG is a single-sex environment coupled with a strong instructional program ensuring that each student focuses on personal developmental and academic achievement, which will promote leadership and unselfish self fulfillment.

Position Overview
The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls Elementary School Assistant Principal understands and promotes the school’s mission, vision, objectives, and policies both within and outside the immediate school community. Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Elementary School Assistant Principal will execute the instructional leadership, administrative duties and operational responsibilities necessary to ensure the success of the school. The Elementary School Assistant Principal will collaborate the decision making as part of the leadership team and assume the responsibilities of Principal when the Principal is not on site. The Elementary School Assistant Principal is responsible for the overall administration and management of the school, including the school vision and design, academic programs, culture development and staffing.

Responsibilities & duties (including, but not limited to)
 Assist the principal in setting standards for student achievement
 Assist the principal in leading an effective team of people jointly responsible for the attainment of school goals, and committed to achieving excellence
 Provide leadership, direction, and support to the implementation of the school’s instructional and program plans
 Provide instructional leadership in advancing proven teaching and learning practices;
 Review/approve lesson plans
 Regularly observe classroom instruction of all teachers monitoring their effectiveness and success in implementation of the school curriculum, processes, and tools
 Manage extracurricular activities (i.e., before/after school programs, sports, science fairs, school plays, etc.)
 Assist the principal by performing other duties and responsibilities as needed in order to meet the school’s vision and mission
 Func¬tion in role of Prin¬ci¬pal in absence of the Principal

 Engage in clear, constant multi-directional communication with the school community
 Set clear, measurable, motivating goals at the beginning of the year for every grade/subject and every class; ensure team is bought into the goals and feels motivated by and accountable to them; keep goals front and center and regularly assess student progress toward them
 Communicate regularly with teachers, parents, and students both informally and through weekly staff and parent memos.
 Makes budgetary recommendations and collaborate with Principal and Business Manager to prepare the preliminary budget for the school;
 Cultivate positive relationships with parents and the local community
 Represent the school to a variety of audiences and support all functions for school success
 Assist in man¬age¬ment of all after-school activ¬i¬ties and programs
 Assist in the coordination/ execution of student recruitment and admissions process
 Model the school’s values and set the standard for exemplary conduct.
 Coach Teachers and conduct formal and informal observations
 Provide feedback on instructional plans
 Collaborate with Principal and the school’s instructional coaches to identify and prioritize professional development needs through careful analysis of student data, teacher growth areas and school goals
 Facilitate high quality professional development accurately, identify and prioritize professional development needs through careful analysis of student data, teacher growth areas and school goals; maximize the impact of formal PD time and ensure that all sessions are thoroughly and thoughtfully planned, engaging and actionable
 Train staff in classroom management, student engagement and parent involvement
 Assist in management of student test administration (interim and standardized testing) at the School
 Oversee compliance in testing admissions, special education, ELL, record keeping, etc.
 Prepare required reports and maintain complete and accurate records for the school
 Analyze data with teachers regularly to maximize student performance
 Use student data to provide leadership in the formulation and annual adjustment of the school’s instructional programs
 Provide instructional leadership to advance proven teaching and learning practices
 Lead teachers and school staff in developing a school culture that nurtures the school’s mission and values
 Participate in facilitating behavior management system with meaningful incentives for students
 Develop and support procedures that provide for the safety and security of staff and students
 Serve as the point person for dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and acute behavioral issues
 Ensures compliance with district/state regulatory due process system
 Articulate and supports a clear discipline policy, understood by faculty and staff, students and parents. Meet with parents to enforce the policy and improve student behavior
 Oversee daily data entry and follow up for student discipline system
 Facilitate collaborative planning and problem-solving processes
 Lead staff efforts to ensure all students have excellent attendance
 Establish a positive, structured, achievement-oriented, and creative school culture
 Participate in Parent Teacher Conferences, Board Meetings, Academic Meetings and other Administrative meetings as needed
 Facil¬i¬tate effec¬tive com¬mu¬ni¬ca¬tion with par¬ents and community
 Assist with the col¬lab¬o¬ra¬tive efforts with the school PTO
 Net¬work with community-based orga¬ni¬za¬tions and edu¬ca¬tional groups to acquire more ser¬vices for the school and develop effec¬tive relationships
 Ensure that the physical environment of the school reinforces school culture and facilitates student achievement
 Participate in staff recruitment
 Perform other related duties as required and assigned

Academic & certification qualifications
 Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree preferred
 NYS Building Leader Certification required
Work experience & skills
 Minimum of five years teaching experience
 Three years Assistant Principal experience
 Fluent in Spanish (Speaking and Writing)
 Strong curriculum writing skills at the K-8 level a must
 Experience in developing a school’s master schedule
 Strong knowledge of Core Content Curriculum standards
 Ability to work in a fast pace environment
 Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
 Working knowledge of the charter school movement and culture
 Thorough knowledge of the New York school system and in particular the mandates and requirements of the New York Department of Education relating to charter schools
 Fluent in Spanish is preferred
 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills required to develop rubrics, examine data and metrics that will enhance student knowledge and promote performance of superior work products
 Knowledge of childhood development and demonstrated experience with executing planned lessons to meet the differential needs of each child
 Strong written, grammatical, presentation, and verbal communication skills
 Experience working with at-risk student population in some capacity preferred
 Educational experience after college (fellowships, summer study, or graduate course work to pursue greater depth in a subject area, specific instructional methodology, curriculum development, special education, technology, etc.) preferred
 Working knowledge and comfort level with instructional technology
 Demonstrated ability in utilizing office equipment and software such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Explorer, Excel, and Outlook);
 Evidence of verbal and written communication skills as well as self-motivation and initiative;
 Proven ability to work collaboratively and flexibly with a diverse team of teachers and administrators
 Willingness to learn new skills and participate in professional development activities

Personal qualities & behavioral traits
 Passionately dedicated to school’s mission
 Champions change; actively motivates and encourages others to adapt to change
 Inspires groups of individuals to work together to achieve a common purpose; promotes a culture of open communication and respect
 Actively establishes and promotes best practices for the school work processes and standards
 Is comfortable using multiple modalities of communication
 Skilled in providing feedback and fostering a culture that provides opportunities for development

Complete an online application at https://littlebird.cloud.talentedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=190. Make sure your application is attached to the position for which you wish to apply.

We will need the following documents submitted for your application to be considered complete and eligible to advance through the screening/interview/hiring process.
 Online Application
 Copy of current resume
 Copy of Administrative Certification
 Names and complete contact information of at least three references
 Copy of all university transcripts

An Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls to provide educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, alienage and citizen status, age, marital status, disability, prior record of arrest or conviction (except as provided by law), sexual orientation, gender (sex), and to maintain an environment free of discriminatory harassment, including sexual harassment, or retaliation as required by civil rights law.