EFC Substitute Teacher (K-8) ($175/day+bonus)

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Organization Education for Change Public Schools (view profile)
Location Oakland
Classification Substitute Teaching
Job Type Part-time
Date of posting 07/16/2017
County Alameda


Send your resume to jobs@efcps.net

Position Summary
Education for Change is looking for dynamic and visionary teachers who will engage students, parents, and other members of our learning community to ensure high student achievement.  The substitute teacher performs all duties of a MSTC teacher on a long-term assignment or day-to-day basis. Under the direction of a site leader, in the absence of the classroom teacher, S/he provides instruction, encourages student progress, and manages the learning environment.  S/he demonstrates professional practices in teaching using the course of study and lesson plan provided by the regular classroom teacher. S/he will know how to successfully work in an urban elementary school with a high English Learner and low-income population.
About Education for Change
Education for Change (EFC) is a charter management organization that manages a diverse portfolio of charter schools in Oakland, California, all of which were district public schools that converted to charter public schools.   
The mission of Education for Change is straightforward: to provide superior public education to East Oakland’s children by creating a system of public schools that relentlessly focuses on our students’ academic achievement.  The high quality instruction at EFC and its continuous refinement is the key to success for their students. Since its inception, all three EFC schools have experienced substantial API growth.
EFC believes that every child has a right to an excellent, high-quality, free public education.
We are developing students who are:
• Self-motivated, self-aware, and confident learners with a high level of resilience who strive for excellence
• Critical-thinkers who know how to solve problems, make informed decisions and generally navigate life in the 21st century
• A powerful, culturally-competent and positive citizen of the world
• Technologically and academically capable young people who are prepared to succeed and compete with their peers when they move from EFC
• Collaborative team players who can both facilitate and participate in collective efforts
• Fit young people who are able to make good choices to maintain a healthy and safe life
Additional information about Education for Change can be found at www.efcps.org.
• Implement effective daily and long-term instructional plans and classroom activities aligned with student needs, California State standards, and EFC and school instructions, goals, and objectives
• Provide a classroom climate and learning experiences that further our students’ social, emotional, physical, and academic development
• Collect homework and student assignments as directed for the regular classroom teacher
• Establish and maintain a positive, safe, and supportive classroom and school environment that values learning and achievement
• Report all student injuries, accidents and illnesses to the proper school administrators immediately or as soon as possible
• Demonstrate respect and understanding of students and families from diverse backgrounds
• Maintain and respect confidentiality of student and school personnel information
• Report to the Main Office upon arrival at school, meets with the school administrative assistant, checks mailbox of absent teacher for lesson plans and materials
• Request clarification of school rules and district policies, if necessary
• Return the room keys to the school administrative assistant and instructional materials and equipment to the proper place
• Maintain accurate student records, including attendance
• Support the mission, vision, and core values of Education for Change
Required Qualifications:
• Bachelors degree
• Valid California teaching credential: multiple subject teaching credential, single-subject teaching credential, OR 30-day emergency credential.
Desired Qualifications:
• Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
• English Language Learner Authorization
• NCLB Highly Qualified
• Experience accelerating student learning and achievement in low income communities
• Spanish language proficiency
Compensation & Benefits
Substitute teachers are paid $175 per day+bonus.  As temporary, part-time teachers, they do not receive any benefits.
Application Process
Email your resume to jobs@efcps.net