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Organization Education for Change Public Schools (view profile)
Location Oakland
Classification School Administration/Leadership
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 8/7/17
County Alameda


Application Process:  Apply online here

Position Summary:
Epic seeks talented candidates who have an interest in education beyond direct instruction and classroom teaching.  We seek Student Guides who have a good understanding of the bleeding edge of education, combined with a willingness to keep up to date with related developments.  Epic guides have a naturally inquiring mind and excellent problem-solving skills. Epic guides exhibit cultural sensitivity, empathy, and strength of character to build relationships with adults and children.  They have an aptitude for working in a highly collaborative environment.  They are responsive to changing requirements and priorities.  And, they have an ability to work effectively under pressure, demonstrating resilience and perseverance.
About Epic Middle School
Epic is a school unlike any other.  At Epic, students will learn to see themselves as heroes in their own Epic journey.  Epic is a science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) school where students will:
• learn at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction providing teachers with time to personalize learning one-on-one or in small groups
• have some element of control over their time, place, path and pace of learning
• level up instead of receive grades
• progress through school based on mastery of the content with comprehensive adult support and encouragement
• conceptualize their own designs and build them in a state of the art “Makerspace” equipped with tools from oscilloscopes to sewing machines, table saws to 3D printers
• work collaboratively with 100 of their close friends in school-based quests where students are transported back in time to the American revolution or forced to survive a zombie apocalypse
About Education for Change Public Schools
Education for Change Public Schools (EFCPS) believes it is the right for every child to have access to a high-quality, 21st century education.   Our mission is to provide a superior public education to Oakland’s most underserved children by creating a system of schools that focuses relentlessly on our student’s academic achievement.  EFCPS is a charter management organization that manages a diverse portfolio of K-8 schools, growing to a portfolio of preK-12 schools in the Fruitvale and Elmhurst neighborhoods of Oakland, currently serving 2,800 children.  Additional information about Education for Change can be found at www.efcps.org.
• Plan and implement the SEL curriculum to a cohort of students
• Case management responsibilities for 40-42 students
• Goal setting and work plan development
• Monitoring student progress data
• Monitoring student engagement
• Coaching and mentoring
• Communications with families and teachers
• Analyze data from content providers to identify areas of additional support; communicate with teachers as appropriate
• Collaborate with other teachers to support instructional programming based upon data findings
• Use strong positive behavior management skills and an understanding of the developmental range of middle school students to establish and maintain a positive, safe, and supportive classroom and school environment that values learning and achievement.
• Assure the safety and well-being of assigned students
• Maintain regular communication with students and parents
• Responsible for monitoring students while working independently on computers
• Responsible for monitoring work completion via online student reports
• Review goals and performance with students on a weekly basis
• Work collaboratively with the IT team to address IT challenges
• Assist with developing and facilitating quests
• Consistently maintain work habits, appearance and behavior that serve as a model for students
• Actively participate in key student events
• Perform related duties as assigned
• Attend mandatory new hire training
• Excitement about the Epic approach and culture.
• High School Diploma required. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Successful experience supervising and working with adolescents in a teaching setting.
• Interpersonal skills necessary to establish and maintain effective relationships with students, parents, guardians, and staff.
• Strong computer skills (e.g. MS Office, Google Docs, etc.).
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to self-direct and prioritize among competing goals, exhibit flexibility and drive results in a fast-paced environment.
• Must possess a growth mindset and be able to use feedback to refine practice.
• Understands class and cultural backgrounds of families and how to interpret culture of school to them.
• Thinks and acts in ways that respect ethnic, cultural and language diversity.
• Spanish bilingual preferred.

EFC Core Values - required by all EFC staff
We collaborate. We are a team. We plan together, observe and analyze each other’s work, collaborate with our coaches and site leaders, partner with our families, and together make decisions about our programming.
We are a learning organization. We approach or practice with an inquiry stance and a growth mindset; we analyze, innovate, and iterate every single day so that we continually improve. We believe in coaching and developing people at every level of experience, at every level of the organization.
We are solutions-oriented. We approach every challenge with a problem-solving orientation. We listen to and encourage each other. We are resilient in the face of adversity.
We are accountable. Our mission is to provide a superior public education to Oakland’s most underserved children. We assume personal accountability for student growth; we analyze multiple forms of data, and that analysis drives our instruction.
We are student-focused. We form close relationships, utilize personalized learning, differentiate instruction, make learning culturally relevant, engage families, and provide individualized interventions to meet the needs of every child.
We listen. We are a small, responsive organization that values students, family, and employee voice and input.
We are rooted in community. Ours is a place-based strategy that works deeply with neighborhood leaders and partners to serve our children. We understand that the cultures, values, traditions, and assets that our families bring must be leveraged and honored to reach and teach our children.

Compensation and Benefits: EFCPS offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package.  For details, email jobs@efcps.net.

Application Process:  Apply online here