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Organization Castlemont Community Transformation Schools (view profile)
Location 8711 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA
Classification School Administration/Leadership
Job Type Full-Time
Date of posting 05/12/14
County Alameda


About Castlemont Community Transformation Schools

Launched in 2014 and located in East Oakland, California, the Castlemont Community Transformation Schools (CCTS) are community-based public charter schools. CCTS is a constellation of community schools offering the highest quality educational services and support for Castlemont community children and youth across the entire cradle-to-career continuum. CCTS will build upon the strengths of proven local and national models, such as Youth UpRising’s model, which believes youth are the center of gravity and are framed as the solution, not the problem, to community transformation. CCTS will position students at all levels along their educational pathway as the leaders of community transformation, beginning at birth and continuing beyond the 12th grade.

CCTS intends to deliver personalized models of learning and educational plans so students can thrive academically and develop the capacity to successfully compete in the local and global economy, regardless of their previous preparation and background. CCTS students are expected to become highly educated advocates, to grow into leaders who collaborate, manage change, and take ownership of their lives and community. CCTS students will work as social architects to bring about positive change in their communities and themselves. CCTS students will create positive transformational shifts that will persist throughout generations and transform the East Oakland Castlemont Community into a thriving cultural economic epicenter. Our TK-12 students will be immersed in a community based participatory action research environment that uses blended learning to develop the individual skills necessary for students to excel academically in the 21st century. CCTS will concurrently develop character and a strong sense of personal agency in students, and will build their capacity towards their full potential.

The Opportunity

Castlemont Community Transformation Schools seeks a seasoned, enterprising, high-energy Principal to provide the educational and management necessary to plan, launch, and manage a high performing school within the community with chronically underperforming schools. Through strategically leveraging the greater flexibility and higher accountability afforded to charter schools, our Principal will:
• Design and implement strategies to dramatically improve student achievement
• Plan and establish a positive school culture and climate that supports the whole student
• Leverage research and data to drive initiatives and instruction
• Build a high-performing staff and leadership team to achieve and sustain results

The Principal will be responsible for all aspects of CCTS’ programmatic and operational management including annual evaluation, fund development, strategic planning and budgeting. The Principal will maintain and grow successful and productive local, regional and national community relationships both within and outside of Oakland.

CCTS offers the Principal an opportunity to be a key part of a dynamic organization with a compelling and ambitious mission. CCTS is birthed out of Youth UpRising, a nationally renowned community transformation organization with a proven track record and clear vision for how education drives neighborhood outcomes. Joining CCTS, the Principal will become a leader within a high-performing, warm, diverse team that is deeply committed to improving educational and life outcomes for East Oakland students. The team includes multiple stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, district leadership, service providers, and others.

With the benefit of unwavering, competent support, the Principal will have the freedom to develop, implement, and refine innovative strategies to accelerate student achievement. Given the rich resources and strong fiscal and political support provided by Youth UpRising, the Principal will be free to focus on instructional leadership, culture, and development of his/her team.

Primary Responsibilities
1. Overall School Leadership & Strategic Planning:
• Display instructional leadership and create a culture of learning and high achievement
• Lead the implementation of research-based, standards-driven curricula, assessment, and instructional strategies conducive to student learning and staff development
• Recruit, select, evaluate, develop, motivate, and retain high-performing leaders, teachers, and staff
• Develop and facilitate a logically sequenced, rigorous course of professional development for staff that builds community and capacity in alignment with best practices in the field
• Consistently inspire excellence and promote positive school climate and high morale
• Demonstrate cultural and linguistic competence and understanding in ensuring equitable academic performance for students with diverse perspectives and life experiences
• Foster a professional environment and opportunities for teacher leadership through collaboration, delegation, and shared decision making
• Communicate high expectations and create standards of excellence for and with students, teachers, and staff
• Develop effective systems and processes to achieve desired results
• Collaborate with other principals within the CCTS continuum to ensure alignment of vision, mission, goals, standards, and practices so that students will be assured a seamless quality educational experience from cradle to career
• Develop and oversee meaningful engagement opportunities and structures for families and other stakeholders

2. Results Oriented:
• Relentlessly focus school activities on students’ social-emotional development, academic achievement, and leadership development
• Set ambitious and transparent school, team, and individual goals, and track progress towards goals
• Identify and communicate cause and effect between school initiatives, instructional activities, and demonstrable results
• Establish appropriate metrics and use data (both qualitative and quantitative) to assess performance and inform instructional, administrative, and programmatic decision-making
• Create a sense of urgency and take decisive actions to ensure and maintain CCTS schools’ growth trajectory
• Align school resources and prioritize activities to achieve maximum results
• Collect and interpret formative and summative data to support and facilitate teachers’ systematic cycles of inquiry towards student progress
• Oversee teachers’, staff, and interventionists’ use of formative and summative data to plan and deliver differentiated instruction for students with diverse intervention needs and match students and families with appropriate academic and socio-emotional resources

3. Persistence and Change Management:
• Analyze complex information to formulate a vision and implement strategies to achieve that vision
• Articulate and monitor metrics to determine successful progress towards achievement of vision and make course corrections as needed
• Develop the appropriate balance of strategic and tactical plans to achieve immediate success while maintaining long-term vision
• Consistently address challenging situations
• Take risks and display a “do whatever it takes” mentality to transform the school into a high-performing school

Other duties as needed and assigned.

Qualification and Competency Requirements
Education, Training, and Experience:
• Master’s degree or higher level of education in educational leadership or a related field
• Documented evidence of effective leadership and/or proven success in a school start-up setting in chronically low-performing areas
• Minimum of three years of experience as a school administrator in an urban, high-needs environment
• Administrative credential strongly preferred

Knowledge, Ability, and Skills:
• Working knowledge of innovations and best practices for creating and sustaining performance
• Unswerving belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels
• Creative thinking and analytical prowess
• Transformational, instructional, and operational leadership abilities
• Knowledge of education policy
• Extensive knowledge of best-practice curricula, assessments, and instruction
• Ability to develop strategic, goal-oriented plans and inspire others to work towards successful implementation
• Ability to provide effective feedback and coaching to strengthen instructional practice and promote a positive school culture
• Track record of using student outcomes and progressive achievement data to identify implications for teaching and learning
• Proven experience in conducting rigorous evaluations of educator and school staff performance
• Demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement of leadership knowledge, abilities, and skills

Core Beliefs – required of all CCTS staff
• CURIOSITY & CREATIVITY – Develop students who pursue inquiry and transformation collaboratively with critical minds
• DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Develop students who will work with, constructively evaluate and appreciate the contributions of those different from themselves
• SELF-DISCOVERY & REFLECTION – Develop students and families who will document their personal trajectory and set rigorous social and academic goals for success
• OPPORTUNITY – Facilitate access and opportunity to students to meet the needs of their community and reach their and their family’s learning goals
• PERSISTENCE & RESILIENCE – Create school and classroom environments where students are safe and encouraged to take calculated risks throughout their educational journey
• FOCUS ON THE COMMUNITY & IN TEACHING THE WHOLE CHILD – Assume accountability for all student’s success

Commensurate with experience. CCTS offers a competitive compensation package with full benefits.

To Apply:
Please email resume, letter of interest, and a theory of action statement as an education and community leader, no more than 500 words, to