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NCSC 201


Your Voice, Your Vote, Your NCSC17

Thank you for making your voice heard with the 2017 National Charter Schools Conference Session Selector. Over 15,500 votes were cast by more than 5,000 people! 

Your votes  count for 30% of the overall selection of proposals, and our program committee is reading through you comments and feedback. We’ll announce our final sessions in February 2017, so stay tuned for more!

About the Conference

The National Charter Schools Conference is the best learning and networking event for charter school educators, leaders and advocates. Our attendees hail from all 50 states and the majority are charter school teachers. Attendees are also charter school and education leaders, board members, policymakers, back office staff, instructional coaches, and many, many more. This conference is about being part of a movement, learning from the best in the field, and learning from each other. Meeting peers that struggle with the same issues you do – or have solutions to offer you – is an incredible learning experience. 

By the numbers: At the 2016 conference, we had more than 4,200 attendees. We hosted 130 breakout sessions, two unconference sessions, 23 meet-ups, five after hours hangouts, three general sessions and one awesome block party! 

We seek to make NCSC an incredible learning experience, but also a heck of a lot of fun. We balance intense learning opportunities with networking, and we work to bring the best of our location to you.  

Download Handouts

The 2016 conference boasted more than 130 sessions! Use the program search tool to download handouts from sessions you attended or weren’t able to attend. You can search sessions by date and time, programming strand, presenter name, or keyword.