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CSO, CMO, and EMO friends:

Thank you for visiting our digital resource kit for the 2017 National Charter Schools Conference. We are so appreciative of your willingness to promote the conference to your staff and supporters, and we hope you will find these resources useful as content to share through your newsletter, website and social channels. If you have any questions or issues when accessing and using the resources, please contact Patricia Guidetti at or (202) 794-5259.

For all of these resources, don’t forget to:

  • Make sure URLs are properly linked and direct to the correct page
  • Pair the copy with a graphic from the kit (you can mix and match)
  • Feel free to edit the article and/or updates for length or to make them more relevant to your constituents (for example, pointing out regional proximity of the conference when applicable)
  • If posting content on social media, make sure to use the hashtag #NCSC17

Newsletter Article

Download this article for inclusion in print or e-newsletters. Be sure to include one or more of the graphics for maximum visual impact.

Newsletter Article

Short Newsletter or Facebook Posts

Don’t have room for a full newsletter article or want to remind your schools and partner organizations about the conference? Download one or all of these short newsletter updates for use in your print or e-newsletters as a short story or sidebar. If you have room, include one of the graphics to add visual interest. You can also use these as Facebook posts on your social media channels. Make sure to add in the hashtag #NCSC17 (Bonus points if you tag @National Alliance for Public Charter Schools).

Short Newsletter Updates

Email Copy

This copy is designed to be used as a standalone email to your constituents, but could also be used as a short article in a print or e-newsletter. Chose one of the copy options, download it and drop into your email marketing platform with one or more of the graphics.

Email Copy 

Social Media

Download this article for suggested facebook and twitter posts. Be sure to include one or more of the graphics for maximum visual impact.

Social Media Samples



We’ve created a set of five graphics that can be mixed and matched with the various messages for use in newsletters, email and social media. After opening these images, right click and select “save image as…” to download as a png or jpg file. 

NCSC 2017 Full Logo

NCSC 2017 Join the Conversation

NCSC 2017 Register Now 1 (Twitter) Image

NCSC 2017 Register Now 1 (Facebook) Image

NCSC 2017 Register Now 2 (Twitter) Image

NCSC 2017 Register Now 2 (Facebook) Image

NCSC 2017 Register Now 3 (Twitter) Image

NCSC 2017 Register Now 3 (Facebook) Image

Website Button

Want to include a link to the conference registration page on your website? We’ve created a button that can be linked as an image to the NCSC conference page. Add the button to your site through your content management system, or consult your IT/website support if needed.

On your site, button should be linked to:

Website Button 1

Email Signature

Would you like spread the word in your email signature? Help grow your state or organization’s representation.

Email Signature