Presenter Resources

At the National Charter Schools Conference, we’re constantly trying to make our content more engaging, advanced, relevant and practical. We hope that attendees will leave every session with a tool they can apply to their jobs. To that end, we have assembled a series of resources here for you to help improve your presentation including public speaking tips, engagement ideas, PowerPoint design and more. As we come across more resources we will continue to add to our offerings here. Please bookmark this page and check back often.

WARNING: Housing and A/V Scam

You may be receiving SPAM communications from housing bureaus and A/V companies. Please note that T3 is the official exhibits contractor and PSAV is the official A/V contractor for the conference. Any other company contacting you about A/V or other services at the conference is likely a scam. We do not have a housing company contracted, and we recommend making your reservation at the Mandalay Bay directly through the hotel link or the hotel phone number, 1-877-632-7800 /1-702-632-7777, by June 6. If place your orders or reservations with any other organizations than T3, PSAV, Mandalay Bay or other vendors included in the official exhibitor kit they will not be serviced onsite. If you have any questions please contact us at: 1-800-280-6218 or

Register for the Conference

We require all of our presenters to register for the conference. If you missed the June 5 deadline, please email us at to see if we can assist with your registration.

Book Your Hotel Room

The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort is the official hotel and site for this year’s conference. Book by June 6.

Please note, the Mandalay Bay is sold out on certain nights, so you should check back to see if rooms become available. Otherwise, book your room at:

The Four Seasons Las Vegas: 702-632-5000 or visit

THE Hotel:

The Luxor, which is adjacent to Mandalay Bay: 702-262-4000 or visit

Presenter Webinar and Training

We hosted a speaker orientation webinar for all speakers on  March 19. You can download the slides from the presentation, NCSC Presenter Training Webinar 2014, and watch a recording of the webinar. We hosted  second speaker prep webinar on May 28, focused on logistics, how to prepare for your session and what to expect on-site. You can download slides from the presentation, NCSC Second Presenter Webinar 5-28-14, and watch a recording of the webinar.

Upload Your Handouts and Speaker Bio

Please be sure to upload and handouts and submit brief bios for your session speakers by June 19. You can do this by clicking here to log into the conference management system. We will include the handouts and bios in the online schedule for all participants to view in aiding their own scheduling decisions. Regarding handouts, please note that the accepted formats are PDF (preferred), PowerPoint and plain text. There’s a size limit of 5 MB per file, if you’re having issues uploading, it’s likely your file is too large. We recommend breaking it into smaller files and uploading all files.

PowerPoint Template

You are welcome to download a PowerPoint template, it includes the conference logo NCSC 2014 PowerPoint Template.

A/V Equipment

The following A/V equipment is provided for every room:
  • LCD Projector and Screen
  • One Podium Microphone
  • One Table Top Microphone for sessions with panels
  • WiFi
Additional A/V equipment (e.g speakers for computer audio, slide remote, additional microphones, ethernet connection, flip charts, laptop rentals) carries a charge for presenters, and should be ordered through PSAV. Download the additional A/V order form here and order by June 19 for best pricing. If you have any questions about additional A/V, contact PSAV at 800-966-4498 or email

Sales-Free Sessions

On every session evaluation, we will ask attendees if a sales pitch was part of the presentation. If more than 25% of attendees respond yes, we will not allow that presenter back to the conference the following year. Our attendees hate sales pitches at conferences and they don’t work. If you want to get some leads through your presentation, leave a pile of business cards at the front or consider getting a booth in our exhibit hall. We want to make sure our attendees have the best experience possible, and this is something they’ve been requesting for a number of years.

Resources Specific to the National Charter Schools Conference

To better understand our conference philosophy so that you can prepare your session accordingly, you can:
  • Download the 2013 program book for a conference overview and detailed session descriptions: 2013 Program Book
  • Watch last year’s inspiring speakers including Pitbull in our general session videos.
  • If you have an iPhone that you’d like to use as a clicker to advance your PowerPoint slides at the conference, you can download the iClickr desktop & iPhone apps.
  • See what kinds of sessions we presented last year and find handouts from your favorites through our Session Search Tool.
  • Download our PowerPoint template for your presentation: NCSC 2014 PPT Template for Presenters

Other Resources

There’s a lot of great content on the internet to help improve presentations and public speaking. Here are a few of our favorites:

Questions? Concerns?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns,