Presenter FAQs

Q: Who can I contact with a question?

A: You can reach us at with any questions.

Q: Which session formats work best for the NCSC?

A: NCSC attendees prefer an assortment of programming styles, and like to create a varied schedule for themselves while at the NCSC. Please carefully consider the best presentation format for this topic and the individuals most likely to attend your session.

Q: What is the expertise level of most NCSC attendees?

A: Most NCSC attendees have an intermediate or advanced level of expertise, and have several years or even decades of experience in their fields. For example, over 50% of 2013 attendees were affiliated with schools that had been opened for 10 or more years. As a result, attendees prefer intermediate and advanced content. When submitting a session, please be cognizant of the content level, and consider whether it will be beneficial for a more advanced audience. You can also refer to Who Attends for additional information on our audience.

Q: How important is it for my proposal to be well written?

A: It is extremely important to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation when submitting your proposal. A well written, thoughtful proposal says to the NCSC programming staff that you are serious about contributing to 2014 NCSC programming.

A few tips:

  • Do not use all caps or no caps for your title.

  • Be aware of cut and paste errors.

  • Proofread your description. Several times, if necessary.

  • Please remember that the person reading your proposal will not have the same background or as much expertise in your topic area as you do.

Q: How can I best prepare for my session, if my proposal is chosen?

A: Please be thoroughly prepared for your NCSC session. The more preparation you put into your session, the better (and more positively reviewed) it will be. All session attendees are given the opportunity to review the sessions they attend, and they will not write a favorable review if they feel that you are not properly prepared to present or lead your session. They may also chose to leave your session in search of a more engaging presenter. NCSC attendees are intelligent people who are leaders in their fields, and they enjoy intelligent and thoughtful programming. First and foremost, they attend NCSC to learn, and want to attend sessions that will teach them something that they can take back home and apply to their jobs.

Q: Is there a fee to present at the National Charter Schools Conference?

A: No, there is no fee associated with giving your presentation, however if your session is accepted, you will be required to register for the conference and cover your own travel and lodging. We offer discounted registration, hotel and airfare for all accepted speakers.

Q: Do I have to register for the National Charter Schools Conference?

A: Yes, all accepted speakers are required to register for the conference. Please refer to Register Now for registration deadlines and rates.

Q: Can I submit a proposal?

A: Unfortunately, the call for proposals is now closed. We accepted proposals from October 7-October 31, 2013. Please refer to our Session Deadlines and Guidelines for more information.

Q: I submitted a session, when will I find out if it was accepted?

A: We are currently reviewing proposals and will let you know the status of your proposal by February 10, 2014. Please refer to our Session Deadlines and Guidelines for more information.