Make the Case to Attend

Make your case for attending, and show how you’ll be more valuable to your organization afterwards.

Budgets are tight – and your time is valuable. Being able to clearly communicate the potential benefits to your organization, supervisor and colleagues can make the key difference in getting time off and reimbursed travel expenses. We’re happy to share some key points in making the case for your attendance at the National Charter Schools Conference: National Excellence: Our workshop sessions highlight best practices, led by some of the foremost experts and national leaders in education. Our keynote speaker, Sal Khan, Founder & Executive Director of the Khan Academy will discuss his mission to provide free, high-quality education for “anyone, anywhere” in the world – and over 100,000 educators around the world are also using Khan Academy to help build student mastery of topics and free up class time for dynamic project-based learning. Workshop sessions offer you the opportunity to learn new approaches to curriculum, learning new ways to secure funding, communication and media strategies, using data to inform instruction, how to address bullying, leadership trainings, STEM pathways in education and more! Professional Development: Professional development is at the heart of the conference ­– over 50% of our attendees have over 10 years of experience in the field. Our workshop sessions offer you the chance to connect with leading experts in the field and other practitioners for hands-on trainings. Networking: You’ll meet over 4,000 other charter school teachers, administrators, board members, charter authorizers and national leaders. Meet your counter parts from across the country – or meet others in your region that you can stay in touch with throughout the year. You’ll also meet leaders from the business, non-profit and government sectors. With the many networking opportunities offered, you’re bound to meet someone interesting that can help advise you on an issue, compare notes on a topic or just make a friendly connection!

Steps to Making a Compelling Case:

  1. Study any preliminary information about the program that is available, identifying sessions, events and programs that could help you do your job better.
  2. Share any preliminary program information with your colleagues. Talk to your colleagues who are unlikely to attend about how your attending could benefit them, what kind of information you could bring back to help them and what sessions they’d like you to go to.
  3. Share program information with your supervisor and find out what sessions and programs they think would be of greatest benefit to your workplace.
  4. Put together a draft plan for how essential tasks will get done while you’re away, including how technology will keep you accessible and in touch as needed.
  5. Develop a draft plan for after you get back—describe how you’ll share the list of discussion and action items you develop during the conference, how you’ll share notes from sessions, discussion groups, vendors, and useful informal conversations, and by when you’ll provide a written report for your supervisor. Promise that you’ll focus on implementing one new idea that pays back many times the investment of time and money.
  6. Download session materials from sessions most relevant to your daily work – or even sessions you couldn’t attend – and share them with your colleagues.