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Title Author Date
Number of Charter Schools and Students: 2005-2006 School Year
National Alliance 6/15/2006
What NAEP Is Really Telling Us About Charter Performance
National Alliance 5/22/2006
2006 Charter Dashboard
National Alliance 5/11/2006
The Renaissance of Urban Education: Charter Schools in America’s Cities
Todd Ziebarth 5/2/2006
Delaware District and Charter Revenue Analysis
National Alliance 5/2/2006
New Jersey Suffers from Severe Inequities in Funding
National Alliance 5/1/2006
National Charter Schools Week Toolkit
National Alliance 3/24/2006
Policy Principles for Creating New High Quality Schools Under NCLB’s Restructuring Requirements
National Alliance 2/26/2006
Texas Roundup: Charter Schooling in the Lone Star State
Nelson Smith 2/23/2006
Charting a Clear Course
National Alliance 2/14/2006
Stunting Growth
Todd Ziebarth 2/10/2006
Chartering 2.0 Summit Proceedings Document
National Alliance 1/4/2006
The Answer Key: How to Plan, Develop and Finance Your Charter School Facility
NCB Development Corporation 11/1/2005
Charting a Clear Course: A Resource Guide for Building Successful Partnerships between Charter Schools and School Management
National Alliance 9/1/2005
A State Policymaker’s Guide to Alternative Authorizers of Charter Schools
Bryan C. Hassel, Todd Ziebarth and Lucy Steiner 9/1/2005
Charter School Funding: Inequity’s Next Frontier
Thomas B. Fordham Institute 8/1/2005
Renewing the Compact: A Statement by the Task Force on Charter School Quality and Accountability
National Alliance 8/1/2005
Charter School Achievement: What We Know
Bryan C. Hassel 7/21/2005
State of the Charter Movement
Gregg Vanourek 5/3/2005
Studying Achievement in Charter Schools: What Do We Know?
National Alliance 1/31/2005
Principles and Standards for Quality Authorizing
NACSA 5/14/2004
Charter School Authorizing: Are States Making the Grade?
Louann Bierlein Palmer and Rebecca Gau 6/5/2003