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Title Author Date
House Resolution 382: National Charter Schools Week 2009
US Congress 5/7/2009
National Charter Schools Week, 2009: A Proclamation
Barack Obama 5/4/2009
2009 National Poll on Public Charter Schools
National Alliance 5/4/2009
April 17: Guidance on the Maintenance-of-Effort Requirements in the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Program
US Department of Education 5/1/2009
Charter School Achievement: What We Know
National Alliance 4/15/2009
April 10: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA): Initial Guidance on State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, Title I, and IDEA
National Alliance 4/10/2009
New! Download the National Charter Schools Week Toolkit Here
National Alliance 4/1/2009
2008-2009 Lottery Day Tool Kit
National Alliance 3/31/2009
‘Loophole’ Allows for Sweeping Flexibility in Stimulus Funds
Andrew Brownstein and Charles J. Edwards 3/24/2009
FY09 Funding for Federal Public Charter Schools Programs
National Alliance 3/11/2009
March 2009 ARRA Overview
R. Brooks Garber 3/3/2009
How Charter Schools Can Survive the Financial Crisis
National Alliance 11/21/2008
Charter School Executives: Toward a New Generation of Leadership
National Alliance 11/15/2008
Teacher Leadership in Public Charter Schools
National Alliance 10/30/2008
2008 Top 10 Charter Communities by Market Share
Todd Ziebarth 10/30/2008
Corporations, Chambers, and Charters: How Businesses Can Support High-Quality Public Charter Schools
Institute for a Competitive Workforce and US Chamber of Commerce 10/20/2008
Alliance Strategic Plan (PDF)
National Alliance 9/29/2008
The Color of Success: Black Student Achievement in Public Charter Schools
Edwin Chang and Gerard Robinson 6/30/2008
State of the Movement 2008 Speech by NAPCS President Nelson Smith
Nelson Smith 6/24/2008
A Framework for Academic Quality: A Report from the National Consensus Panel on Charter School Academic Quality
Colorado League of Charter Schools, CREDO, NACSA and National Alliance 6/20/2008
National Student Enrollment in Public Charter Schools (2007-08 School Year)
National Alliance 6/10/2008
Principles and Standards For Quality Charter Support Organizations
National Alliance 5/12/2008
National Poll on Public Charter Schools
National Alliance 5/6/2008
2008 Charter Dashboard
National Alliance 5/5/2008
Accelerating the Success of Kansas Charter Schools
Phil Andrews and Todd Ziebarth 2/28/2008
Familiarity Breeds Content: As the Charter Movement Grows, So Does Public Approval
Gary Larson 2/20/2008
National Alliance 2007 Progress Report
National Alliance 12/5/2007
Top 10 Charter Communities by Market Share: 2006-2007: Second Annual Edition
Todd Ziebarth 10/16/2007
Charter School Achievement: What We Know (Fourth Edition)
National Alliance 10/6/2007
Testimony of Nelson Smith before the House Committee on Education and Labor
National Alliance 9/10/2007
The Bottom Line
Bryan C. Hassel and Matthew Arkin 7/29/2007
Financial Impact of Public Charter Schools Brief
Bryan C. Hassel and Matthew Arkin 7/9/2007
Number of Charter Schools and Students in the 2006-07 School Year
National Alliance 5/10/2007
Federal Charter Schools Program: A New Model for Quality Growth
National Alliance 5/9/2007
2007 Charter Dashboard
National Alliance 5/4/2007
Peeling the Lid Off State-Imposed Charter School Caps
Todd Ziebarth 3/14/2007
Creating the Schools Our Nation Needs: NCLB Reauthorization and the Promise of Public Charter Schools
National Alliance 3/1/2007
Charter High Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap
US Department of Education 12/7/2006
Measurement and Metaphor: Comments on Hopes, Fears, and Reality, What Do I Still Want to Know?
Bruno V. Manno 12/7/2006
Charters As a Solution?
Nelson Smith 12/6/2006
Signs of Promise: Hispanic Student Achievement in Charter Schools
Todd Ziebarth 11/27/2006
Turning the Corner to Quality: Policy Guidelines for Ohio Charter School Program
Bryan C. Hassel, C. Peter Svahn, Louann Bierlein Palmer, MIchelle Godard Terrell, NACSA, National Alliance and Thomas B. Fordham Institute 10/11/2006
2006 Top 10 Charter Communities by Market Share
Todd Ziebarth 9/7/2006
2005 Annual Report
National Alliance 8/16/2006
10 Things You Should Know About Charter Schools
National Alliance 7/26/2006
Number of Charter Schools and Students: 2005-2006 School Year
National Alliance 6/15/2006
What NAEP Is Really Telling Us About Charter Performance
National Alliance 5/22/2006
2006 Charter Dashboard
National Alliance 5/11/2006
The Renaissance of Urban Education: Charter Schools in America’s Cities
Todd Ziebarth 5/2/2006
Delaware District and Charter Revenue Analysis
National Alliance 5/2/2006