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Title Author Date
The Health of the Charter Public School Movement: A State-by-State Analysis
Todd Ziebarth and Louann Bierlein Palmer 3/7/2016
A Closer Look at the Charter School Movement: Schools, Students, and Management Organizations, 2015- 16
National Alliance 2/3/2016
Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws
National Alliance 1/20/2016
Palm Beach School District Amicus Brief
National Alliance 1/19/2016
CSP in Action: Capital City Public Charter School
National Alliance 12/18/2015
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities
National Alliance 11/10/2015
Getting Lost While Trying to Follow the Money
National Alliance 11/2/2015
CSP in Action: Rowe Elementary
Nora Kern 10/29/2015
2015 State Legislative Session Highlights for Public Charter Schools
Todd Ziebarth 10/28/2015
Automatic Closure of Low-Performing Public Charter Schools
Todd Ziebarth 10/26/2015