Research and Publications

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Title Author Date
Borrowing With Tax-Exempt Bonds, Second Edition Eugene H. Clark-Herrera and Maria Sazon 7/9/2012
Fulfilling the Compact: Building a Breakthrough, Results-Driven Public Charter School Sector Joe Ableidinger, Lucy Steiner, Angie Spong and Bryan C. Hassel 6/21/2012
Microsoft Word - NAPCS 2011-2012 Race_Ethnicity Details from the
Details from the Dashboard: Charter School Race/Ethnicity Demographics National Alliance 5/21/2012
A Mission to Serve: How Public Charter Schools Are Designed to Meet the Diverse Demands of Our Communities Nora Kern, Renita Thukral and Todd Ziebarth 5/16/2012
CMO and EMO Public Charter Schools: Interactive Data Tool National Alliance 4/25/2012
Details from the Dashboard: Charter Schools by Geographic Region National Alliance 2/27/2012
Beyond City Limits: Expanding Public Charter Schools in Rural America David Stuit and Sy Doan 2/27/2012
Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws, 2012 Todd Ziebarth 1/17/2012
Microsoft Word - NAPCS 2011-12 New and Closed Charter Schools
Estimated Number of Public Charter Schools and Students, Dashboard Data from 2011-2012 National Alliance 11/4/2011
Unionized Charter Schools: Dashboard Data from 2009-10 National Alliance 11/3/2011
CMO and EMO Public Charter Schools: Dashboard Data from 2007-08, 2008-09, and 2009-10 National Alliance 11/3/2011
Career Compass: Discovering Job Opportunities in the Public Charter School Sector Ursula Wright 10/24/2011
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities – Sixth Annual Edition | October 2011 National Alliance 10/17/2011
Toward an Equitable Future: Charter Schools and School-Funding Litigation Andrew Broy 8/3/2011
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State Facility Survey Blueprint: Lessons from Four States Maria Sazon 6/22/2011
Thinking Outside the Charter Grant Box Kristin Yochum 6/21/2011
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Facilities Financing- Selecting the Best Option for your Charter School or CMO Maria Sazon 6/21/2011
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Access to Available SD Facilities Maria Sazon 6/21/2011
2011 State Legislative Session Summary Lisa Grover and Todd Ziebarth 6/20/2011
Assess, Coordinate, Execute: How to ACE an Executive Director Search Mollie Mitchell 6/17/2011
The Promise of Citywide Charter Strategies John Kania, Jeff Kutash, Julie Obbard and Robert Albright 5/12/2011
How Innovative School Districts are Learning to Share Public Education Facilities with Charter Schools Maria Sazon 3/31/2011
How Do Charter Schools Get the Teachers They Want? Betheny Gross 3/30/2011
Delivering on the Promise: How Missouri Can Grow Excellent, Accountable Public Charter Schools National Alliance 2/1/2011
Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws Todd Ziebarth 1/19/2011
Measuring Charter Performance: A Review of Public Charter School Achievement Studies National Alliance 12/3/2010
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities – Fifth Annual Edition | November 2010 National Alliance 11/1/2010
All Students Achieving through Reform (ALL-STAR) Act – Overview National Alliance 6/7/2010
A Blueprint for Quality, Growth and Sustainability: 2010-2012 Nelson Smith 4/29/2010
Free to Lead: Autonomy in Highly Successful Charter Schools Joe Ableidinger and Bryan C. Hassel 4/28/2010
Testimony of Caprice Young: Legislative Hearing on Quality Charter Schools and H.R. 4330, the All-STAR Act Caprice Young 2/24/2010
How State Charter Laws Rank Against The New Model Public Charter School Law Todd Ziebarth 1/13/2010
Key Items Included in FY2010 Appropriations Conference Agreement National Alliance 12/9/2009
Alliance Comments on Investing in Innovation (i3) Proposed Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria Nelson Smith 11/9/2009
Top Ten Charter Communities by Market Share: 4th Annual Edition National Alliance 10/29/2009
Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund Summary of Proposed Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria National Alliance 10/20/2009
School Improvement Grants – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – Proposed Requirements Nelson Smith 9/28/2009
Microsoft Word - 090903_2009-10_Charter_Schools
Number of Public Charter Schools & Student, 2009-2010 National Alliance 9/3/2009
Alliance Comments on Race to the Top Fund Proposed Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria Nelson Smith 8/26/2009
Race to the Top Draft Priorities, Requirements, Definitions, and Selection Criteria Overview National Alliance 7/31/2009
Microsoft Word - 2009_State_Legislative_Session_Summary - July 2
2009 State Legislative Session Highlights National Alliance 7/22/2009
Moderate Senate Democrats Working Group Letter on Education Reform Multiple Authors 6/26/2009
A New Model Law for Supporting the Growth of High-Quality Public Charter Schools National Alliance 6/22/2009
CREDO Reconsidered Nelson Smith 6/19/2009
2009 Public Charter School Dashboard National Alliance 6/19/2009
A Framework for Operational Quality: A Report from the National Consensus Panel on Charter School Operational Quality National Consensus Panel on Charter School Operational Quality 5/28/2009
Microsoft Word - 051509 Charter School Law Deskbook
Charter School Law Deskbook National Alliance 5/15/2009
House Resolution 382: National Charter Schools Week 2009 US Congress 5/7/2009
Microsoft Word - Document6
National Charter Schools Week, 2009: A Proclamation Barack Obama 5/4/2009
Microsoft Word - FINAL Frequency Questionnaire with Open Ends -
2009 National Poll on Public Charter Schools National Alliance 5/4/2009