Research and Publications

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Title Author Date
NAPCS profile Kansas_v.9
Accelerating the Success of Kansas Charter Schools Todd Ziebarth and Phil Andrews 2/28/2008
NAPCS profile Familiarity Breeds_v.9
Familiarity Breeds Content: As the Charter Movement Grows, So Does Public Approval Gary Larson 2/20/2008
National Alliance 2007 Progress Report National Alliance 12/5/2007
Microsoft Word - MarketShareFinal - 2007.doc
Top 10 Charter Communities by Market Share: 2006-2007: Second Annual Edition Todd Ziebarth 10/16/2007
Edgemoor Quarterly Report - Winter 2008
Charter School Achievement: What We Know (Fourth Edition) National Alliance 10/6/2007
Microsoft Word - National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Te
Testimony of Nelson Smith before the House Committee on Education and Labor National Alliance 9/10/2007
NAPCS balance right_v.12-spreads
The Bottom Line Matthew Arkin and Bryan C. Hassel 7/29/2007
NAPCS balance right_v.12-spreads
Financial Impact of Public Charter Schools Brief Matthew Arkin and Bryan C. Hassel 7/9/2007
Edgemoor Quarterly Report - Winter 2008
Number of Charter Schools and Students in the 2006-07 School Year National Alliance 5/10/2007
Edgemoor Quarterly Report - Winter 2008
Federal Charter Schools Program: A New Model for Quality Growth National Alliance 5/9/2007