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Title Author Date
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Public Charter School Communities
National Alliance 10/23/2017
2017 State Legislative Session Highlights for Public Charter Schools
National Alliance 10/16/2017
2016 Annual Report
National Alliance 5/16/2017
Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter Public School Laws
National Alliance 3/22/2017
English Learners and ESSA: Implications for States and Charter Schools
National Alliance 3/9/2017
Estimated Charter Public School Enrollment, 2016-17
National Alliance 2/1/2017
Amicus Brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in Support of the Petitioner in Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District
National Alliance 11/22/2016
National Best Practices: Teacher Recruitment and Pipelines
National Alliance 11/21/2016
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter Public School Communities and Their Impact on Student Outcomes
National Alliance 11/3/2016
2016 State Legislative Session Highlights for Charter Public Schools
Todd Ziebarth 10/21/2016
Charter Accountability For District-Run Schools: Using ESSA to Create Contract-Based Accountability for Urban Public Education
Andy Smarick 10/13/2016
A New Model Law for Supporting the Growth of High-Quality Charter Public Schools: Second Edition
National Alliance 10/5/2016
Assessing the Increasing Strength of Charter School Laws: Third Edition
Todd Ziebarth 9/30/2016
Charter Public Schools Serving Hispanic Communities
National Alliance 9/27/2016
School District Facilities and Charter Public Schools
Russ Simnick 9/14/2016
Facilities Funding for Charter Public Schools
Lisa Grover 9/14/2016
A Call to Action to Improve the Quality of Full-Time Virtual Charter Public Schools
National Alliance 6/16/2016
2015 Annual Report
National Alliance 5/16/2016
Backfilling in Charter Schools
National Alliance 5/10/2016
Demanding a Chance: Parents’ Demand for Charter Schools Continues to Grow
National Alliance 4/28/2016
How to Recruit High-Performing Charter Management Organizations to a New Region: Results from the 2015 CMO Survey
National Alliance 3/29/2016
The Health of the Charter Public School Movement: A State-by-State Analysis
Todd Ziebarth and Louann Bierlein Palmer 3/7/2016
A Closer Look at the Charter School Movement: Schools, Students, and Management Organizations, 2015- 16
National Alliance 2/3/2016
Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws
National Alliance 1/20/2016
Palm Beach School District Amicus Brief
National Alliance 1/19/2016