Charter Champions: 2012

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)

As the chair of the Senate subcommittee that funds education, Tom has fought to improve education in Iowa and across the country. He has worked to reduce class size, give students better computer and Internet access, expand school counseling and safety programs and improve teacher training. He has also led the effort to modernize America’s school infrastructure.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Born in Millen, Georgia to parents who were career educators, Governor Deal continues to build on the strong tradition of civic engagement in public education, recently proven through his work to get a constitutional amendment for state-authorized public charter schools successfully passed by the Georgia legislature during the 2012 Legislative Session.

North Carolina Senator Malcolm Graham

North Carolina Senator Malcolm Graham is a Democratic member of the North Carolina Senate, representing the 40th District since January 2005. Senator Graham was an outspoken co-sponsor and champion of Senate Bill 8 during the 2011 North Carolina Legislative Session.

Indiana Representative Brian Bosma

As Speaker of the 114th General Assembly, Representative Bosma and the House Republicans worked to improved education opportunities for Hoosier schoolchildren. Throughout his years of public service, representative Bosma has been recognized as an exemplary leader, recently proven through his work as the primary sponsor and champion of House Bill 1002 during the 2011 Indiana Legislative Session.