Total Number of Schools


Data Available: 1999-00 through 2012-13

NAPCS counts public charter schools in the total number of schools if the school shows enrollment in the official fall member count data file for that academic year or if the state department of education has not indicated that the school closed.

2008-2009 Florida

Charter Schools

Metrics # %
Number of Schools 396
% of Charter Schools to All Public Schools 10.5%
Average Number of Years Open
Average Number of Years Open 5.8
Number of Years Open
Open 1-3 Years 118 29.8%
Open 4-6 Years 116 29.3%
Open 7-9 Years 85 21.5%
Open 10+ Years 77 19.4%
Number of New Charter Schools in Fall of Academic Year 54
Number of Charter Schools That Closed During Academic Year 21
% Growth in Number of Charter Schools 10.0%
Schools by Grade Levels
Elementary Schools 214 54.0%
Middle Schools 72 18.2%
High Schools 84 21.2%
Middle/High Schools 12 3.0%
Elementary/Middle/High Schools 13 3.3%
Ungraded 1
Schools by Geographic Locale
City 127 32.1%
Suburbs 178 44.9%
Town 16 4.0%
Rural 75 18.9%
Management Organization
Freestanding 250 63.1%
EMO 132 33.3%
CMO 14 3.5%
Extended Learning Time
Extended Learning Time 1 0.3%
No Extended Learning Time 395 99.7%

Non-Charter Schools

Metrics # %
Number of Schools 3,372
Schools by Grade Levels
Elementary Schools 1,844 54.7%
Middle Schools 525 15.6%
High Schools 447 13.3%
Middle/High Schools 394 11.7%
Elementary/Middle/High Schools 162 4.8%
Schools by Geographic Locale
City 897 26.6%
Suburbs 1,598 47.4%
Town 253 7.5%
Rural 624 18.5%
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FL Alachua County Public Schools
FL Bay District Schools
FL Bradford County Schools
FL Brevard Public Schools
FL Broward County Public Schools
FL Charlotte County Public Schools
FL Citrus County Schools
FL Collier County Public Schools
FL Columbia County School District
FL Dixie District Schools
FL Duval County Public Schools
FL Escambia County School District
FL Flagler County Public Schools
FL Franklin County School District
FL Gadsden County Schools
FL Glades County School District
FL Hernando County Schools
FL Highlands County Schools
FL Hillsborough County Public Schools
FL Jefferson County School District
FL Lake County Schools
FL Lee County Public Schools
FL Leon County Schools
FL Levy County School District
FL Marion County Public Schools
FL Martin County School District
FL Miami-Dade County Public Schools
FL Monroe County School District
FL Okaloosa County School District
FL Orange County Public Schools
FL Pasco County Schools
FL Pinellas County Schools
FL Polk County Public Schools
FL Putnam County School District
FL Santa Rosa County School District
FL Sarasota County Schools
FL School District Of Indian River County
FL School District Of Manatee County
FL School District Of Osceola County
FL School District Of Palm Beach County
FL Seminole County Public Schools
FL St. Johns County School District
FL St. Lucie County Public Schools
FL Sumter District Schools
FL The School District of DeSoto
FL Volusia County Schools
FL Wakulla County School District
FL Walton County School District
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