Total Number of Schools


Data Available: 1999-00 through 2012-13

NAPCS counts public charter schools in the total number of schools if the school shows enrollment in the official fall member count data file for that academic year or if the state department of education has not indicated that the school closed.

2009-2010 Colorado

Charter Schools

Metrics # %
Number of Schools 158
% of Charter Schools to All Public Schools 8.8%
Average Number of Years Open
Average Number of Years Open 8.3
Number of Years Open
Open 1-3 Years 32 20.3%
Open 4-6 Years 37 23.4%
Open 7-9 Years 20 12.7%
Open 10+ Years 69 43.7%
Number of New Charter Schools in Fall of Academic Year 13
Number of Charter Schools That Closed During Academic Year 5
% Growth in Number of Charter Schools 6.0%
Schools by Grade Levels
Elementary Schools 84 53.2%
Middle Schools 12 7.6%
High Schools 34 21.5%
Middle/High Schools 10 6.3%
Elementary/Middle/High Schools 18 11.4%
Schools by Geographic Locale
City 58 36.7%
Suburbs 41 25.9%
Town 14 8.9%
Rural 45 28.5%
Conversion 4 2.5%
Start-Up 154 97.5%
Management Organization
Freestanding 134 84.8%
EMO 13 8.2%
CMO 11 7.0%
Virtual Schools
Non-Virtual 153 96.8%
Virtual 2 1.3%
Hybrid Virtual 3 1.9%
Unionized Schools
Non-Unionized Charter Schools 158 100.0%

Non-Charter Schools

Metrics # %
Number of Schools 1,635
Schools by Grade Levels
Elementary Schools 950 58.1%
Middle Schools 282 17.2%
High Schools 269 16.5%
Middle/High Schools 106 6.5%
Elementary/Middle/High Schools 28 1.7%
Schools by Geographic Locale
City 453 27.7%
Suburbs 427 26.1%
Town 215 13.1%
Rural 540 33.0%
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State District
CO Academy School District 20
CO Adams 12 Five Star Schools
CO Adams County School District 14
CO Adams County School District 50
CO Aspen School District
CO Aurora Public Schools
CO Bennett School District
CO Boulder Valley School District
CO Brighton 27J School District
CO Calhan School District Rj-1
CO Canon City Schools
CO Cherry Creek Schools
CO Cheyenne Mountain School District 12
CO Clear Creek School District Re-1
CO Colorado Springs School District 11
CO Denver Public Schools
CO Douglas County School District
CO Durango School District 9-R
CO Eagle County Schools
CO East Grand School District
CO Elizabeth School District C-1
CO Falcon School District 49
CO Gunnison Watershed School District
CO Harrison School District Two
CO Jeffco Public Schools
CO Lamar School District Re-2
CO Lewis-Palmer School District #38
CO Littleton Public Schools
CO Mapleton Public Schools
CO Mesa County Valley School District 51
CO Moffat Consolidated School District #2
CO Moffat County School District Re-1
CO Montezuma-Cortez School District Re-1
CO Montrose & Olathe Schools
CO Park County School District Re-2
CO Poudre School District
CO Pueblo City Schools
CO Pueblo County School District 70
CO Roaring Fork School District
CO St. Vrain Valley School District
CO Steamboat Springs School District Re-2
CO Strasburg School District
CO Thompson School District
CO Vilas School District Re-5
CO Weld County School District 6
CO Weld County School District Re-3J
CO Weld Re-4 School District
CO Weld Re-5J School District
CO West End Public Schools Re-2
CO Widefield School District 3
Showing 50 records