Lisa Grover

Senior Director, State Advocacy

Lisa Grover, Ph.D., is the senior director of state advocacy for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. She works with local and national partners to improve existing charter school laws and enact new ones. Her state legislative portfolio includes New Jersey, Montana, Kentucky, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Nebraska. In 2001, Lisa was asked to edit a new charter application for a proposed high school in the rural mountains of New Mexico, and she has worked in the charter movement ever since. As the CEO of the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools from 2005 to 2010, she helped pass legislation to establish a new statewide authorizer, solidify a $7 million lease assistance fund, and gain charter school access to local district tax dollars. She began her career as a Spanish and English language learner teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District and has also taught English as a second language in China, Ecuador, and Mexico. Lisa is mom to two teenagers, a rescue dog, and several turtles. In addition to education reform, Lisa’s passions include yoga, hanging out with her family, animals, gardening, and traveling—the more exotic the better. She holds a doctorate degree in Romance languages and a Master of Arts in linguistics and multicultural education.

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