Jill Poppe

Manager, Programs

A Minnesota native, Jill Poppe attended Tufts University, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and German, and subsequently moved to Washington, D.C., after graduation. Jill’s interest in education reform was sparked by two formative experiences. First, growing up in a family of public school educators, she often heard teachers lament the lack of creativity they were able to employ in the classroom. Second, teaching German at Concordia Language Villages during college summers and watching her students’ incredible progress made her realize the power of learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Jill sees public charter schools addressing both these issues by empowering teachers and schools to set their instructional focus. Jill loves working at the National Alliance, specifically on the National Charter Schools Conference, because her work combines her passion for education with her (if you ask her friends, infamous) organizational and planning skills. When not busy working on the conference, Jill loves spending time with her friends, reading, and watching all of her beloved Minnesota sports teams tragically lose.

Follow Jill on Twitter @JillPoppe.