About Us

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is the leading national nonprofit organization committed to advancing the quality, growth, and sustainability of charter schools.

High-Quality Options for Parents and Students

We believe that every child deserves a great education and that parents should have the opportunity to choose a public school that meets their child’s specific needs.

Charter schools are unique public schools that provide families with a new set of options. These schools foster a partnership between parents, teachers, and students. They create an environment in which parents can be more involved, teachers are allowed to innovate, and students are provided the structure they need to learn.

When given that option, parents increasingly are choosing to enroll their children in charter schools. In most communities, the demand for charter schools is far outpacing the supply. What began as a small movement in a couple of states has grown into a major force in education reform. Today there are more than 6,700 charter schools in 42 states and Washington, D.C., educating nearly 3 million students.


What We Do

The National Alliance speaks and advocates for the millions of students attending and hoping to attend a charter school.

We provide assistance to state charter school associations and resource centers, develop and advocate for improved state and federal policies, and serve as the united voice for a large and diverse movement at the state and national levels.

We focus on key policy priorities such replicating and expanding high-quality charter schools, lifting arbitrary “caps” on charter school growth, and closing the funding gap between charters and other public schools.

The foundation of all of our work is our commitment to:

  • Quality: All children should have access to a high-quality public school. So, we support strong charter school authorizing practices that will ensure schools that open will do a great job teaching students;
  • Innovation: Charter schools have proven themselves to be incubators of new ideas and effective school practices. We seek out these innovations and share them;
  • Equity: Charter schools are public schools and the students who attend them should have access to the same amount of funding and support that follows children to traditional public schools.