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Details from the Dashboard

Do you find yourself lying awake at night wondering about specific indicators of charter school growth? No? Well lucky for you, we do. The Public Charter School Dashboard (Dashboard) contains statistics and indicators about the growth and quality of public charter schools at the national, state, district, and school levels. To make good on our midnight musings—and to help paint a dynamic picture of charter schools across the nation—we’ve created reports on specific indicators pulled from the most current data housed within the Dashboard. These “Details from the Dashboard” provide analysis and context for emerging trends in the national charter school sector. You can spend your waking hours checking out our concise reposts on charter schools managed bynon-profit charter management organizations (CMOs) and for-profit education management organizations (EMOs)charter school openings and closures during school year 2011-2012, and unionized charter schools. With the most pertinent data pertaining to “hot button” charter school policy issues, and the regular addition of new content, these Details from the Dashboard are reports that won’t put you to sleep!